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Untitled Drawing by randomallie Untitled Drawing :iconrandomallie:randomallie 1 0 sugartale ashley by randomallie sugartale ashley :iconrandomallie:randomallie 3 3 little dragon ashley x (your oc) by randomallie little dragon ashley x (your oc) :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 1 Ashley's Childhood by randomallie Ashley's Childhood :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 1 so this may be redone by randomallie so this may be redone :iconrandomallie:randomallie 2 0 eh it could be better by randomallie eh it could be better :iconrandomallie:randomallie 1 0 help don't know his name yet by randomallie help don't know his name yet :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 3 practice by randomallie practice :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 0 Back Off by randomallie Back Off :iconrandomallie:randomallie 2 5 Omega Ashley X Oc by randomallie Omega Ashley X Oc :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 2 idk what to name them by randomallie idk what to name them :iconrandomallie:randomallie 4 0 Sans X Crescant by randomallie Sans X Crescant :iconrandomallie:randomallie 3 0 Ashley The Reaper by randomallie Ashley The Reaper :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 0 Everfree Get Glomped!!!!!! by randomallie Everfree Get Glomped!!!!!! :iconrandomallie:randomallie 1 0 Ashley's In A Pokeball! by randomallie Ashley's In A Pokeball! :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 0 Error X Entity! by randomallie Error X Entity! :iconrandomallie:randomallie 0 0


Minecraft-Steve and Herobrine by SilentAugust Minecraft-Steve and Herobrine :iconsilentaugust:SilentAugust 25 13 Minecraft-Smile by SilentAugust Minecraft-Smile :iconsilentaugust:SilentAugust 18 11 Minecraft-Looking down at you by SilentAugust Minecraft-Looking down at you :iconsilentaugust:SilentAugust 19 22 QSR-Steve meets Alex by SilentAugust QSR-Steve meets Alex :iconsilentaugust:SilentAugust 44 13 Pru2pCan: Animated kisses by Jackce-Art Pru2pCan: Animated kisses :iconjackce-art:Jackce-Art 37 5 MLP Base [F2U] by kseniyart MLP Base [F2U] :iconkseniyart:kseniyart 405 43 Guess who by Ketchupberry Guess who :iconketchupberry:Ketchupberry 291 76 Rowan by FloweytheInnocent Rowan :iconfloweytheinnocent:FloweytheInnocent 166 5 swap bros by FloweytheInnocent swap bros :iconfloweytheinnocent:FloweytheInnocent 125 6 Swap baby bones by FloweytheInnocent Swap baby bones :iconfloweytheinnocent:FloweytheInnocent 145 6 Lil' Freddy and Chica Sketches by PurpleRAGE9205 Lil' Freddy and Chica Sketches :iconpurplerage9205:PurpleRAGE9205 132 23 Mlp Base by Meadowind Mlp Base :iconmeadowind:Meadowind 1,388 311
Homewrecker (2p!Canada x 2p!Reader)
Homewrecker (2p!Canada x 2p!Reader)
They call me homewrecker. I’m only happy when I’m on the run.
They call me homewrecker. I broke a million hearts just for fun.

You took sight of your mobile phone which was ringing lonely in the corner of the room. You sighted and put some of you hair out of your face, while you made your way to your phone and took it into your hands, abandoning the bottle of scotch somewhere on your way.
You have spent the last few day way too much around Alistair and Jason.
The caller ID showed it was Matt. Again.
A sly grin appeared on your face.
He just can't accept it, can he?
You crushed your phone onto the floor and made your way to your jacket. It was one of the few things you’ve kept as a present from him, though you still could imagine him stealing it from his brother, but hey, it had a soft fur around your wrists and the hood; it was ni
:iconlacunes:Lacunes 108 33
Monster!Hetalia X Human!Reader CH 1 PT 2
Monster!Hetalia X Human!Reader
Warning: Other than there will be cussing because Romano is in here, none so enjoy~! :3
Chapter 1 Part 2: Scarce, Monsters, Confessions and a Human Girl.
On the last chapter:
You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn't even notice that the lights around the gym started to dim, all of freshman were walking to their seats on the benches, and the stage lights were positioned to the stage. Matthew tapped your shoulder and you got out of your thoughts.
“Uh, (Name)? The assembly is starting.”
“O-oh yeah…” You said as you looked straight forward to look at Arthur walking up on the stage.

And now back to where we were:
Arthur walked up to the stage and to the microphone. He tapped the microphone to see if it was on. He smiled that it was on and started to talk.
“Good Morning all of you freshman~! Welcome to Bakemono High School!” Everyone clapped and cheered in appreciation
:icontricksterscone:TricksterScone 125 119
Monster!Hetalia X Human!Reader CH 1 Final Part (3)
Monster!Hetalia X Human!Reader
Warnings/Comments: Romano is in here so, blood, and sensitive stuffs…. and please read the description right now or when you’re done reading this chapter. And sorry if I forget anything that happened in the last chapter….
:icontricksterscone:TricksterScone 110 79
Monster!Hetalia X Human!Reader CH 1 PT 1
Monster!Hetalia X Human!Reader
Warning: None, enjoy reading~ :3
Chapter 1 Part 1: Schools, Mistakes, Monsters, and a Human Girl.
You are going to your new High School life. You see, you were a very smart and amazing girl. You were great at everything, almost. But that was cool with you. After Middle School you were having some trouble going to a really good High School. Your parents decided to help you a little. Then your father found a brochure that was titled, ‘Bakemono High School.’ He showed it to you and you read through it.
This school looked pretty great, 97% of students are grantee to graduate, there were so many clubs and activities there, and from what it said: "Everyone will treat everyone nicely and with respect. You would even feel like everyone there is your family. The students are well behaved and are extremely kind to one another." You also noticed on the bottom of the front page, there was the school’s motto: ‘Everyone Is Equal.
:icontricksterscone:TricksterScone 168 63


4 deviations
ashley was walking around snowdin her tail dragging across the snow leaving a dent or a ditch in it she said aloud to herself"why is it so dang cold h-here!" she heard a stick snap behind her she turned and saw no one her horns that curled around her head were a ice blue color so she was pretty much freezing to death she loved being cold but this type of cold was WAY to much she got to a bridge that had this wall with bar's to big so she was about to slip through when a certain voice came"hey kiddo where do ya think your going" she turned seeing sans she replied"through these bar's that are two big sooo what are you here for?" he gave a blank stare and then wide eyed when realizing this woman was ashley and she was very strong and had MANY attacks and could kill him right then and there she was getting very impatient"earth to sans hello" she said he blined out of his stare and gave a scared look"hey what's with the look sans did ya just realize who i was" he nods"well ya should know i wouldn't h-hurt you" her voice was getting very tired from breathing cold air and she looked tired as if she had been wondering for days in snowdin and she has sans spoke up"uh do you want to come to" she looked at him surprised that someone would ask her that but she nodded like a child

sans opened the door and walked in ashley following behind papyrus seen ashley and tackle hugged her and he said"ASHLEY IT IS VERY NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" ashley giggled at his excitement"good to see you again papyrus!" sans stood there watching the happy moment and wished  she had greeted him that way ash took notice of this and whispered to papyrus"i think sans is getting jelly i shall be back" she giggled silently and paps nodded she walked over to sans and gave a 'i saw ya starring' look and he looked at her wide eyed and blushing bright blue she said"sans are ya jealous" he replied"w-what no!" she leaned in close to his face"you sure" she teased he took the chance and barely kissed her which made her blush bright green she was wide eyed while his eyes were half lidded"so you WERE jelly" she said he nodded and grbbed her hand and dragged her to his room and you know what happened next

ok sorry it's short but this is my first story thing and iwanted to add more but i had no idea's sooooooo yeah 
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